A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Suede Jacket


Cleaning Suede Jacket, a form of apparel fashioned from the ventral side of animal hide, is notable for its velvety texture and capacity to stand out among other textiles. It has become a fashionable attire, necessitating special consideration during washing to maintain its integrity and aesthetically pleasing facade.

Why Cleaning Suede Jacket is Important

Cleaning Suede Jacket is a critical task for various reasons:

  1. It aids in the elimination of dirt, dust, and other particulate matter that accumulates on the fabric surface over time.
  2. Regular cleaning helps prevent stubborn stains from embedding into the material, which can be challenging once they have set in.
  3. Cleaning your suede jacket is instrumental in preserving the texture and aesthetics of the fabric, ensuring it remains supple, soft, and new-like.
  4. Proper and regular cleaning of your suede jacket can significantly extend its lifespan, guaranteeing that you will relish wearing it for an extended period.

Understanding Suede Jackets

Suede is a type of leather produced from the underside of animal hides using sanding or buffing, resulting in a velvety and soft texture. It differs from other fabrics in its delicacy and requires specialized cleaning methods to uphold its quality and appearance. Unlike conventional washing techniques, they cannot apply to suede due to their penchant for staining and water damage. The characteristics of suede jackets include soft texture, distinctive appearance, and vulnerability to damage from moisture and stains. While these qualities make them fashionable items, they necessitate meticulous maintenance to maintain their pristine condition.

Types of Suede Jackets

Suede coats are categorized based on their composition, hue, and texture. Some common suede coat variations include aviator coats, motorbike coats, trench coats, and suit jackets. Every sort of coat necessitates specialized attention to retaining its worth and aspect. For instance, lighter-toned suede coats may require more regular washing to prevent discoloration, while coats with a silkier texture may be more at risk of water damage. Strategies to care for suede coats encompass avoiding contact with dampness, utilizing specialized cleaning solutions, and stockpiling them in an arid, chill area to avert harm from warmth and daylight.

Basic Cleaning

To properly cleaning suede jacket, one must acquire certain fundamental materials: a suede brush, a clean and arid cloth, and a suede eraser. Commence the cleaning process by gingerly employing the suede brush to extract any extraneous dirt or filth that may be present on the surface of the jacket. Subsequently, use the suede eraser to efface any obstinate discolorations or markings by moving the eraser forward and backward over the affected area.

If there are more severe blemishes, you can clean the area with a tiny bit of water and a mild soap solution, with the utmost care to blot the area dry with a spotless cloth afterward. To conclude, let the jacket become entirely desiccated by letting it aerate naturally, away from direct heat or solar rays. It is crucial to abstain from utilizing a washing machine or a dryer to sanitize a suede jacket, as this may cause irreparable harm to the fabric.

Stain Removal Techniques

Eliminating stains from a suede jacket is an arduous task requiring specialized techniques and materials. Depending on the nature of the blemish, specific approaches must be employed. For example, stains caused by oil-based substances such as grease or food require using absorbent substances like talcum powder or cornstarch to draw out the oil from the fabric. In contrast, ink stains are removable using a small amount of vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Materials required for this endeavor are a suede brush, a clean cloth, and cleaning solutions specifically designed for the type of stain.

To cleanse your suede jacket of blemishes, carefully brush the affected area to remove any scattered dirt or filth. Afterward, apply the specialized cleaning solution or absorbent material to the affected area, taking care not to oversaturate the fabric. Allow the solution to permeate the stain briefly before delicately blotting the area dry with a clean towel. Repeat the process as needed, then let the jacket desiccate in the air before using it again.


Preventing blemishes on a suede jacket is more effortless than removing them. It is advisable to abstain from donning your jacket during inclement weather conditions, such as rain or snowfall, as moisture can cause the fabric to lose its hue and incur damage. The protective spray is also recommendable for your suede jacket as a preventative measure against water infiltration and other liquids. To uphold the quality of your suede jacket, store it in a frigid and arid location while it is not in use, and eschew exposing it to direct sunlight or heat sources. Additionally, the application of periodic brushing can aid in preserving the suede’s appearance by eliminating dirt and restoring the texture of the fabric.

Professional Cleaning

In certain situations, purifying and getting rid of stains might not be adequate to rectify the condition of a heavily soiled or stained jacket made of suede. In such circumstances, seeking the services of a professional cleaner may become an essential requirement.

We suggest Expert cleaning suede jackets with intricate designs or decorations requiring specialized attention. When selecting a professional cleaner, searching for a company with an extensive background in purifying suede and leather garments is recommended. Inquire about their cleaning procedures, guarantees or warranties, and any accompanying fees or expenses. It is paramount to clarify the charges of the services and any potential additional charges.

FAQ about Cleaning Suede Jacket

What is the difference between suede and nubuck?

  • Leathers sanded to provide a soft, textured finish include suede and nubuck. However, suede is created from the inside of the animal hide, while nubuck is created by sanding the outside of the hide. This difference in the part of the hide used to make the leather results in different textures and finishes.

How do I restore the texture of my suede jacket?

  • To restore the texture of your suede jacket, use a suede brush to brush the fabric in one direction gently. It will help lift the suede’s nap and restore its soft, textured appearance.

Can I use water to clean my suede jacket?

  • While we can use water to clean some stains from suede jackets, it is essential to use caution and only a tiny amount of water to avoid saturating the fabric. Never soak a suede jacket in the water, as this can cause irreparable damage to the fabric.

How do I remove grease stains from my suede jacket?

  • To remove grease stains from a suede jacket, sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder over the affected area and let it sit for several hours to absorb the grease. Brush the powder away with a suede brush, then use a suede eraser to remove any remaining marks.

Can I use vinegar to clean my suede jacket?

  • Vinegar can be used to remove some stains from suede jackets, such as ink stains. However, it is essential to dilute the vinegar with water and use caution to avoid oversaturating the fabric. Always test any cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area of the jacket before applying it to the entire garment.


Cleaning your suede jacket is essential for maintaining its appearance and extending its lifespan. Regular cleaning and stain removal can help to prevent discoloration and damage to the fabric. In contrast, proper care and storage can help maintain the jacket’s quality over time.

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